About Me

Ruth Mottram on a frozen laje
Me walking on water in Iceland. Jokulsarlon frozen over in Spring 2005 with icebergs and the calving front of Breidamerkurjokull in the background.

My name is Dr. Ruth Mottram, I am a climate scientist (specialism in glaciology and ice sheet – climate interactions) in Denmark.

You can find out lots more about my research and publications (and where possible pdfs to download) on my Google scholar page aswell as on Research Gate and the research.dmi.dk pages where I occasionally contribute news items.

I’ve been working at DMI for 14 years where I mostly run high resolution regional climate models in the polar regions and work on ice sheet processes. Much of this work is focused on understanding how quickly the big ice sheets (especially Greenland) will lose their ice and contribute to global sea level rise. Living only around 10 metres above sea level focuses the mind a bit..

Some projects I’m working on right now within these themes..

In Horizon 2020, sea level rise and ice sheets and climate are considered as part of PROTECT: https://protect-slr.eu/protect

Also an EU Horizon 2020 project, looking at polar climates with state of the art regional climate models is PolarRES


And finally, I am now EU side coordinator of the Horizon Europe project Ocean:Ice which started in November 2022.


I recently joined the fediverse @ruth_mottram@fediscience.org where I now mostly cross post to twitter @ruth_mottram.

I’m no longer on facebook or instagram, though I still maintain a blipfoto presence as well as uploading albums on flickr where I also sometimes post fieldwork photos.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Dear Professor mottram,

    I am writing to you today to find out about a question I’ve been passing around to many scientists. I want to preface this by saying I appreciate the reports you’ve released. I also appreciate the constant messaging you’ve done on climate. I really appreciate it. But now I am writing to you today for something I’ve been asking of many scientists and prominent journalists. Which is simply put, what gives you climate hope? As well as hope in any sense, I have my own reasons to fight for this beautiful earth and it’s people. I just want to know the answers of everyone else. Of course if you have no answers currently or are simply too busy it’s no matter. I know many people are busy as of late with all these events. But if you could pass this along to anyone else I’d greatly appreciate it. I do look forward to your answer. I hope you have a good day and year.


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