On fieldwork in North west Greenland 2021

Interested in talking to me about Greenland, Antarctica, glaciers and climate change? I am often contacted by journalists with questions and clarifications, and I’m (usually) happy to help where I can. I speak English and Danish fluently and understand and speak Dutch and French reasonably well.

Some examples in no particular order:

Greenland temperatures surge in the Washington Post in which I try to explain the concept of Föhn winds

I was asked to provide some explanation on the record low Antarctic Sea Ice by Globelynx. It’s on vimeo and I also wrote a few thoughts down about it here.

AP News: Two-thirds of the world’s glaciers to disappear

Euronews: Climate Live on youtube What’s happening in Greenland and Antarctica?

BBC World Service, Crowd Science: How Long Before All The Ice Melts?

We know the Earth’s atmosphere is warming and it’s thanks to us and our taste for fossil fuels. But how quickly is this melting the ice sheets, ice caps, and glaciers that remain on our planet? That’s what listener David wants to know.
With the help of a team of climate scientists in Greenland, Marnie Chesterton goes to find the answer, in an icy landscape that’s ground zero in the story of thawing.

BBC World Service, Crowd Science: Where Do We Go When The Ice Melts?

After learning how long it will take the Earth’s ice sheets to melt in the previous episode, we continue our journey in Greenland. As world leaders gather in Egypt for the annual UN climate conference, listener Johan isn’t too optimistic about governments’ ability to curb greenhouse gas emissions and get a handle on climate change. So from his coastal perch in Denmark, he has asked where we should live when the poles have melted away and coastlines creep inland.

The Guardian, “Photograph lays bare the reality of climate change” Risking life and limb for climate data

Graph made by Mads Nyvold for an article in Politiken’s climate supplement based on this XKCD cartoon

Politiken: En indsamling af vidnesbyrd fik klimaforsker til at se på klimaforandring på en ny måde

Rapidly melting sea ice in Greenland has presented an unusual hazard for research teams retrieving their oceanographic moorings and weather station equipment.

A photo, taken by Steffen Olsen from the Centre for Ocean and Ice at the Danish Meteorological Institute on 13 June, showed sled dogs wading through water ankle-deep on top of a melting ice sheet in the country’s north-west. In the startling image, it seems as though the dogs are walking on water.

The Guardian: New data reveals extreme global heating in the Arctic

I contributed a letter to “Is this how you feel?” An extraoridnary project aimed at capturing how scientists who worked in the climate change area felt in 2014

Weekendavisen, “Isens Lune”, GUNVER LYSTBÆK VESTERGÅRD

Glatføre. »Verdens farligste usikkerhed.« Sådan beskriver en glaciolog vores manglende viden om, hvor meget og hvor hurtigt klodens store iskapper vil smelte i varmen og få havene til at stige.

The Eco-Show on British local radio station Marlow FM

Carbon Brief Explainer: The Polar Vortex and the Beast from the East

I write a regular annual update on “How the Greenland Ice Sheet fared” for the Carbon Brief, which you can find archived here

The Guardian: Arctic warming and crazy temperatures

The Guardian: Heatwaves amplify record melt in Greenland

The melting of Greenland’s ice sheet for Radio New Zealand

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