Shameless self-promotion…

The annual AGU jamboree starts this weekend, I have never actually attended (I do way too much travelling for work as it is but I would quite like to go one day). However, I and some of my colleagues have contributed to a number of presentations and posters so I thought I’d put a wee list up of those: this poster presented by Prof. Jason Box on Greenland ice sheet albedo uses my HIRHAM5 simulations. this poster presented by Dr Liam Colgan on the life cycle and mass balance implications of crevasses on glaciers relates to this blogpost.

My colleague Christian Rodehacke is presenting some of our work on permafrost modeling (and in particular subsea permafrost on the Siberian shelf and around Greenland) in a presentation on related to the DEFROST project

Ice2ice work from DMI is represented by a number of posters including this particular highlight on sea ice and surface air temperatures given by my colleague Shuting Yang:

Then there are some good statistical posters based on multimodal ensembles presented by my Research leader Jens Hesselberg Christensen

And while I’m on the subject of ice2ice, did I mention we’re hosting a themed session at the EGU Spring symposium in 2016?

The deadline for abstract submission is 13th January but with Christmas in the way it’s best to start planning your submissions now. I am co-convening the session, titled “Interactions and feedbacks between land ice, sea ice and ocean in the Arctic “ and we’re hoping to invite a couple of keynote speakers, and there may also be an associated social event, so keep watching this space and do consider sending in an abstract to the session!



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